Electrical Energy

Electrical energy is usually associated with the current in electric drills, power tools, immersion heaters and other electrical appliances. This means that electricity is basically electrical energy. This is mainly formed due to the interaction of electric charges with their own or some other electric field. The International System of Unit for electrical energy is Joule.

Electrical energy has been one the fundamental developments made by mankind. It is used in cars, factories, manufacturing units, homes, offices, grounds. In other words it is used everywhere. Electrical energy when transferred through a suitable conductor can run cars. It can help operate factory machine. There are even trains running on electrical energy these days. It is used to power lights, fan, air-conditioners, televisions, computers, thereby making it one of the essential requirements of the human race today.

The first electricity generating plants were powered by coal- fired steam engines, but later by the middle of twentieth century large hydro-electric power installations had been built in most of the countries. In hydro-electric power installations, electricity was generated by generators driven by water turbines. The rapid flow of water required for this purpose used to come from big reservoirs formed by building dams across valleys and large rivers.

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