Kinetic Energy

The word kinetic has Greek origins and means motion. The basic definition of kinetic energy is that kinetic energy is the energy possessed by a body by virtue of its motion. In other words, any moving object has kinetic energy like moving bullets, moving wheels i.e. anything in motion.

Another thing that should be kept in mind is that if an object processes kinetic energy and is then not subject to any other force, it will continue to move in the same direction at the same speed. On the other hand, if the resultant force is increased, the body will posses greater kinetic energy and if the direction of the force is changed, the body will start to lose kinetic energy.

The defining equation for kinetic energy is K=1/2mv where K is kinetic energy, m is mass of body and v is the speed of the body. From the above mentioned equation, it is evident that for the same mass moving objects moving at different speeds, the faster object has greater kinetic energy. Similarly, for two objects of different masses but moving at the same speed, the object of greater mass has greater kinetic energy.

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