Magnetic Energy

Magnetic energy is pretty similar to electrical energy. Both are governed by Maxwells equations. Knowledge on magnetic energy has increased manifold during the recent past and innovative new applications of magnetic energy are now taking place.

It is imperative to understand that everything around the human beings, including human beings processes magnetic energy and all of living creatures are dependant on electromagnetic energy to exist, in fact each and every cell of the body possesses magnetic energy. A change in the proportion of electromagnetic energy around man has a direct consequence on the human body. This can lead to a variety of diseases. Magnetic therapy has become increasingly popular.

Magnetic therapy has a direct interaction with the electrolysis taking place in the body. The magnetic energy interacts with the electrolytes in the blood and subsequently wit the nervous system which basically controls blood circulation. Thus magnetic energy can be used to cure ailments relating to blood circulation.

The earth and space also possess magnetic energy. Space is basically made up of electro magnetic waves. Electromagnetic waves these days are used in microwaves and radio etc. The earth itself possesses magnetic energy. Infect it has been recently discovered that earth has lost almost half of its magnetic energy will loose the remaining in approximately two thousand years. Then life will cease to exist.

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