Renewable Energy

Due to the rapidly increasingly population and the resulting increase in demand for energy, the world as at today faces energy crises. The opportunity cost of consuming fossil fuels is pollution and depriving the future generations of their right of their share of the earths resources.

But these resources are scarce and are being depleted at an astounding rate. This is why recently more research is being done on using the renewable sources of energy. Though still the major sources of energy are the bio-fuels, however more and more commercialization is being done on the renewable sources. The governments around the world have started to support commercialization of renewable energy sources and are currently passing legislation to promote this industry.

The main renewable energy sources identified to date include Wind energy, Water energy, solar energy, Geo thermal energy and bio fuels such as bio gas and liquid bio fuels.

Wind energy is converted into other useful forms of energy such as electrical energy with the help of wind turbines or wind-powered generators. Water energy like wind energy is also converted into electrical energy by using hydraulic power plants. Solar energy is energy of the sun. It comes in the form of heat and light. And this can be converted to both electrical and mechanical energy. These are only some of the examples.

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