Thermal Energy

Thermal energy is basically that portion of the energy of the system which increases with hand increase in temperature and vice versa. Thermal energy is also occasionally referred to as heat energy.

Heat is defined as energy which is transferred from one place to another owing to a temperature difference between them. There are basically three main processes of heat transfer i.e. conduction, convection and radiation.

In thermodynamics, there are situations where usage of engines in which internal energy changes take place in a substance both as result of heat flow and also as a result of work being done by or on the substance is taken. For example the thermal energy of steam can be changed by adding or subtracting X joules of heat. The thermal energy of steam can be increased by compressing it i.e. by doing work on it or it can be released to attain some useful work out it for example driving a turbine.

Thus it is evident that thermal energy is another useful source to generate electrical energy. It has fewer opportunity costs. It is an environment friendly method of generating electricity or even mechanical power. A good example of that would be steam driven engines.

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