Environment represents the surroundings. In technical jargon, environment represents the living as well as non living things on the earth. But in the most common context, environment represents the living beings or the non living world external to an organism. Environment may mean the conditions the organism lives in, the situations an organism responds to.

The study of the environment involves a detailed observation and theory about the chemical and physical processes in the surroundings of the living being and biological habitat of the organism. This forms a separate branch of biology called environmental science.

Forays into environmental science began when there was an observed impact of the surroundings on human activity. Hostile weather conditions, attacks by other animals, tough terrains and more prompted people to study about the environment in-depth. Ecology, biology, Geology, physics and chemistry are some of the branches of science that contribute to understanding of the environment.

The natural environment differs from mans built environment, which are the immediate surroundings or habitat. Today, the impact of human activity on the environment has increased to such a large extent that deforestation and extinction of important species are already underway. It must be understood that environment supports human life and that human encroachment can harm the environment.

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