The word mathematics has Greek as well as Latin origins. Its meaning encompasses a wide array of fields such as science, study and acquiring knowledge.

The origins of mathematics can be traced to as far back as the day the human brain began to think. Mathematics was required when man needed to numerical identify objects, measure the land areas, exchange goods and commodities between each other. The timeline of evolution of mathematics can be traced simultaneously in ancient Greece, ancient Egypt, ancient China, and ancient India.

Mathematics has also been integral in development of other sciences. Most of the problems and theories in physics as well in chemistry have quantified in mathematics. Whether it is the three laws of motion proposed by Newton or the mass calculations of atoms in chemistry, they both have applied mathematics. Another application is when it comes to structures and space. Mathematical principles govern mankinds up to date knowledge of space, motion, vector and time.

Today mathematics continues to evolve as the sound base of mathematical theories is used to solve problems arising in other sciences as well as in mathematics. And beyond the realms of science, mathematics has become an every day tool used ferociously in solving real world problems.

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