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The market for science related news and media is huge. Science is all pervasive . Almost everyday something or the other is being discovered in various corners of the world and everyone needs to know what is being discovered and created for the betterment of the mankind collectively. News channel like discovery science and journals like Science gives us information about various discoveries and innovation in almost in every field.

Science as a subject is huge and it is found in almost all-practical discipline of study. So one needs to cover everything from discovery in geography to innovation in physics to papers in economics. Thats why science related news channel has various segments and time slots to for various programs like different slots for various programs on space, weather, geology, technology and etc. the market has huge potential and there are some major players like discovery, national geographic, animal planet, science, science section of major news channel like CNN, BBC, FOX NEWS, CHANNEL and etc. these channel spice up their program but do retain the scientific outlook of the content of their program.

A world without science is un thinkable. Its like having a world without perspective. Hence a new world without news related to science and technology is unthinkable.

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