The word physics is derived from the word physis which itself is essentially a Greek word meaning nature. And this is what physics really is. It is the study of nature. It is the study of nature, how it operates, what are the essential elements affecting it. Physics helps us to understand how our surroundings have maintained this profound balance and how we can use this knowledge to our advantage.

Physics deals with matter and everything related to it. It studies motion of this matter, the forces acting upon it, the energy it acquires, possesses and transmits the charge it has and its mass. And since studies on matter have been carried from the very beginning of human intellect, physics is one of the oldest if not the oldest of sciences. It has application almost in every field, whether it is social or academic in nature. The principles of physics are applied every where.

The basic categories of physics include simple mechanics which is basically based on Newtons law of motions. Then there is thermodynamics where energy, pressure and temperature are studied. There is also relativity which is more or less based on Maxwells equations and Einsteins theory of relativity. There is however also quantum mechanics and electromagnetism.

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