Science & Society

Science plays a very important role in the society. The discovery of scientific equipments has led to the commercialization to a great extent. Science has brought in a variety of labour-saving devices. These help the people to live and work comfortably in a social surrounding. The woman today also can emerge out of their cocoons and spread their wings. They can start working with ease with a plethora of kitchen accessories and still get to work on time. There is the television for entertainment and ipod to give her the music she yearns for. And after all the work she does at home, she still excels at work, carries out the bosss commands and chirps merrily like a happy cricket with her office colleagues. Science has indeed helped us to be more social.

Information Technology is the blessing of science that works in multiple ways to reach out to the other person. We are social beings and communication is the most immediate means of getting across our thoughts to one another. Science has only made man more social and more communicative. Considering everything, the blessings of science on society is immense if we take everything the ethical way. Science has unraveled the wonders of this world to the social being to make him feel like being in the seventh heaven.

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