Antiques represent the best of human creativity and craftsmanship through the ages. Some will have been prized in their own time as marvellous works of art; others will have been regarded as nothing more than humdrum everyday objects which only a later age would come to see as unique and special.

In an age when almost anything can be mass-produced on demand, to buy an antique and install it in your home is to put yourself in touch with a bygone age. As your eyes fall on it every day, you will find yourself developing a growing appreciation for its rarity. Antiques are a great way to add uniqueness and character to a home.

Antiques can also be valuable investments. The prices of rare objects often appreciate over time. It certainly seem like a very attractive form of investment compared to, say, having a deposit in the local building society. Of course, an antique is not as liquid an asset as many others and you will have to go through a certain amount of bother by realizing its value through a sale, but it certainly is nice to be able to buy and enjoy the benefit of something while watching its value increase!

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