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This is the Internet Age. Computer and network technology has moved from being a fringe phenomenon into the forefront of the modern world. It is transforming our culture and our way of life in profound ways, just as the advent of the railways or electricity or the motor vehicle did in earlier eras. Even in the space of a decade or so, almost everything online seems to have become bigger, better and faster, and the mind boggles when we think about what might exist a decade or two from now.

Today, computer skills are vital for anyone wishing to compete in the job market. The best way to acquire those skills, of course, is simply to play around with your computer at home. For children, being introduced to technology in the home at an early age can give them a vital headstart. Easy familiarity can quickly ripen into general competence and then later expertise.

Of course, technological progress being what it is, new more powerful computer and computer products are constantly emerging and there is always some compelling reason to carry out that upgrade. Staying up to date with the latest and greatest technological trends can be expensive but you may choose to regard it as an investment in the future.

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