This is the age of mass production and many of the old craft skills have died out. But here and there, in nooks and crannies, some have continued to practice the traditional crafts, creating beautiful things using time-honoured processes.

It used to be difficult to find these craftsmen and women or to purchase their wares. Occasionally you would stumble on a craft workshop while on a holiday somewhere and congratulate yourself on your good fortune as you made a few purchases to bring back with you and show to friends and family. The internet has opened up even isolated craft workshops to a whole new global market, however.

Many traditional craftsmen have now established relationships with internet retailers or even sell directly from their own websites. On their web pages you should be able to find details of the products they have for sale, and often you can still go and visit in person if youre so inclined. Several craft workshops also offer classes where you can learn to practice the skill yourself. So, whether its pottery, or glass-blowing, candle or jewellery-making that takes your fancy, you too can become a practitioner and help keep the ancient craft traditions alive.

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