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Nothing beats a bargain except a freebie. Yes, now that youve spent a fortune on your computer equipment and internet connection, you can start to claw some of it back by finding great offers online which will help save you money.

Visit many online shops and, as you go through the checkout process, youll often see a box where you can enter a special code to get a discount on the purchase price. These are only given out to select groups of customers or publicized in a limited way. There are online portals that gather up all the discount information from loads of different sites, however, so paying a visit there can really pay off if youre planning a big purchase, especially as some of the discounts are percentage based.

Out and out freebies are less common than discounts but they do exist. Often new companies want to promote themselves and may give items such as DVDs away for free. New websites may use the offer of a freebie as a way to get you to sign up and register for something, convinced that once youve visited once and seen what they have to offer, youll eventually want to come back and buy something.

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