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The variety of food and drink available to consumers nowadays would have made our ancestors’ mouths water and their eyes boggle in amazement.

Once the preserve of a privileged elite, haute couture dining is now available to all, with many supermarkets now featuring shelves lined with subtle dishes, delicatessen counters and once unheard-of foreign food.

Foreign holidays are now much more popular than they once were. Where a typical holiday might once have spent a summer vacation in Blackpool or Butlin’s, now venturesome journeys to parts more distant are far more common. No doubt this experience of foreign climes has encouraged us all to be a bit more experimental in our choice of food.

In line with our increasing affluence and the obesity epidemic spreading worldwide, consumers have become more and more concerned about what goes into their food. You are what you eat, the adage says and health issues have become of paramount importance in many food purchases.

Vendors have responded to the public mood. Many products are now explicitly labelled as being GM or Additive free, allowing consumers to make an informed choice. All supermarkets now offer ranges of tasty low calorie food for those who’re struggling with an excess weight problem.

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