Guys love gadgets. Theres no doubt about it. Something in the makeup of the male seems to inspire a love for gizmos and gadgetry of all sorts. If someone invented a gadget that showed electronic paint drying on an electronic wall, guys would probably crowd the shops to buy it and then sit watching it for hours. But girls arent immune either. The Ipod revolution has brought a whole new generation of gadget-lovers into being. Most of us now find ourselves carrying little electronic devices around with us that contain our music, our photos and our personal information. Gadgets can help make the outside world seem a little more homely.

And with technological progress being what it is, the capabilities of our gadgets are becoming ever more impressive. The first MP3 players already seem ridiculous. We wonder how people ever got by listening to the limited number of songs that could fit onto their small storage space. No doubt future generations will scoff at us too. But until the future arrives theres plenty of enjoyment to be had in the present with all of the great gadgets available today including MP3 players, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), electronic book readers and more.

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