For many of us, games have been an important part of our life from childhood into adulthood. Yes, even adults still like to play games. Some wise thinkers have even claimed that our playful impulses are an important part of what makes us distinctively human : that we do something just for the sheer pleasure of it, even though it serves no practical purpose. Others claim that games, in fact, do serve some purpose, exercising our creative imaginations and forcing us to use our mental faculties in unusual ways, ways that may rarely be called on in day-to-day life but may prove to be important some day in some unusual situation.

Traditional games like Monopoly, Scrabble, and Othello have not lost their appeal. They continue to sell well today even in the electronic age. No doubt the opportunities for social bonding and family fun that board games offer helps account for this. It is certainly true that electronic games have assumed a huge importance in recent years, however. There can be few families with children without a computer or video game console in the house, and studies show that those children tend to continue playing games into their adult years. Will we one day see 80 year-olds playing Ridge Racer 26 on the Playstation 10? Only time till tell.

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