Many of us spend two weeks a year lounging on a beach in some sunny country far away and the other fifty weeks reminiscing about the holiday we had last year and looking forward to the one were going to have this year. Yes. We all like holidays. We wish we had more of them or could go on holiday permanently and let robots do all the work or something. Wasnt that what those 60s documentaries about the future said it would be like by now? Well, something seems to have gone wrong. The robots havent mastered many complex tasks yet so well just have to keep working for a while longer and, when the frustration mounts up, enjoying a vacation in the sun to get away from it all.

Spain is an eternal favourite as a destination for holidaymakers. The combination of sun and, well, more sun just seems to do it for us. Those who like to mix a bit of history in with their sun-bathing might choose Italy for their trip.

And France, with its elegant culture and its fabulous food, is said to have more tourism traffic than any other country in the world. Wherever takes your fancy, you know you deserve to treat yourself to a great holiday at least once a year.

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