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You may just have moved in to a house or flat but it doesn’t become truly a home until you’ve fitted it out to your own satisfaction with all of the big and little things that make it distinctively yours. Carpets, wall paper and furniture will all need to be carefully chosen and colour-coordinated. The kitchen is a world of its own, of course. It will need to be equipped with all of the latest devices which keep the modern home running and allow all of us to get on with our busy lives without spending too much of our precious time on household chores.

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, you’re going to need mowers, cutters and trimmers of various kinds to help you trim it (whether you prefer to do it the noisy new electrical way or the old-fashioned, quiet and manual way). And what garden would be complete without a grinning gnome? After you’ve spent so much time and money making your garden look perfect, of course, you’ll want some nice garden furniture to help you enjoy it. At a minimum, some chairs and a pleasant shade will help you get the most out of those summer months.

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