Flowers are all very well, but if you really want to find a permanent place in a womans affections, give her something that doesnt wither something that gleams. A gift of jewellery is a great way to express the sentiment that a relationship is important to you, that it is something you want to see last for a long time. Jewellery is something that endures particularly rare or precious items of jewellery may even be passed down from parent to child down through the generations and giving a gift of jewellery is like making a statement that you want to see a relationship endure. We tend to use jewellery as a way of marking some of the important milestones in our lives.

Diamonds, of course, are the traditional favourites but did you know diamonds can actually be manufactured and are not quite so precious as some of their marketers like to claim? When choosing an important gift of jewellery such as a wedding ring, many are now eager to explore other precious stone options like emeralds or sapphires.

Not that jewellery is exclusively a female preserve, of course. Plenty of guys, and tough, macho guys at that, have been known to drape themselves in a bit of bling-bling. So, no need to be ashamed if youre a guy who likes to gleam.

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