Besides giving please, music is an important part of how we define ourselves. Teenagers often learn to express their sense of identity through music and it can remain important in later life. When we think back on previous decades, the popular music of the day is often one of the chief hallmarks of the age : the 50s were the rock and roll era, the 60s saw the flower power movement rise to prominence.

Some predicted that the internet and the consequent rise of electronic music would shake things up dramatically. The dominance of the big record companies, and their rigid preference for certain types of music, would be broken, it was believed. New, radically innovative artists would emerge, making music from their garages and selling electronic versions of their music from their own websites. Well, it has not quite happened that way. Yet.

Certainly, the internet has offered a new outlet for some musicians who might otherwise have struggled to make an impact. There is no doubt that the marketing resources of the big record companies are still extremely effective in promoting an artists career, however. And while ITunes and may have revolutionised the way we purchase music, many find the digital rights management issues oppressive. No doubt the years ahead will see further changes in the way we buy and listen to music.

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