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Electronics have become increasingly pervasive in the modern world. But the much-heralded ideal of the paperless office still seems to be a long way off. The average office still needs mountainous quantities of supplies to keep it running. Theres the obvious stuff like paper and pens, ink in its various colours for the printers, fax machines and typewriters (and, yes, in nooks and crannies here and there, there are those who still use them).

Even emails often end up being printed out so the supposed paper-saving benefits of electronic communication frequently turn out to be illusory.

And of course the new electronic equipment is resource-hungry too. All important electronic data has to be backed up onto diskette, CD, DVD or magnetic tape, often multiple times if you want to be really sure. Research has shown that these electronic media can degrade badly after a few years so data that absolutely must be preserved over the long-term may have to be re-archived recursively over the course of the years.

And and all of those gadgets and gizmos need vast quantities of cables and input devices to connect them to each other and to you. Maybe one day well arrive at a paperless office. But were not there yet.

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