Pets have served as our cherished companions from our earliest childhood years into the twilight of our lives. Young children often first learn responsibility as they learn how to deal with their animal friends, developing a sense of maturity as they enjoy the experience of playing with a weaker being which is dependent on them for care and protection. Elderly people, especially when friends and loved ones perhaps have passed away, appreciate the devotion and companionship provided by their pets.

Whether our pets are familiar household friends such as cats or dogs or something more exotic (from the reptilian family perhaps?), its our responsibility to care for them properly and our pleasure to pamper them. Most of us love nothing better than to ply our pets with treats and toys. Some of us even go a little overboard, and feed our pets so much that they begin to put on excess weight, a bit like their owners in many cases. If your dog is getting a little chubby, why not buy him a toy to chase or chew on? Though dogs are now domesticated, you can still see something of that wild hunter spirit inside of them if you stimulate them in the right way.

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