All of us have unique memorable moments in our lives and all of us want to recall them, so that we can treasure and relive them forever in our memories. A photograph captures the magic of a moment, the expression on a face, the contours of a smile, the splendour of a sunset on a beach where you once spent a holiday. At some point, we all love poring over old photographs, laughing and crying as the visual cues bring back the memories we had forgotten. Occasionally, we also regret not having a photograph of a memorable moment too, having been too caught up in the rush of events to have taken a snapshot of it.

Most of us carry camera-capable mobile phones with us most of the time now, but though they can be useful for creating casual little images to share with friends or capturing those surprising little epiphanies that sometimes occur, if youre going to memorialize a memorable moment, you should really do it right. That means have some decent camera equipment, for either still or moving images, and spending enough time familiarising yourself with it so that you dont have to fumble for the manual at an awkard moment. Luckily, theres plenty of great-quality camera equipment now available cheaply so youve no excuse for not being ready when the moment comes.

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