Toys are part of the enchantment of childhood. Who can forget how we once craved little plastic dolls or soldiers and spent hours enraptured with them in imaginary dream worlds? Today, of course, though dolls and toy soldiers are as popular as ever, there is a vast range of more sophisticated entertainments available to children. Electronics now form part of many toys, from little moving robots, to remote-controlled cars, boats or aeroplanes. Even traditional dolls and action figures now often incorporate some electronics to give them speech capabilities.

Through playing with toys, children learn to express themselves and to develop their own creativity. Children live in an environment largely shaped and controlled by others. But, playing with their toys, they can enjoy a sense of control of a tiny little portion of the world. This is important in helping them develop a sense of self. By making a careful choice of toy to gift to a child, you can play an important part in shaping the development of a young mind, creating memories which will be treasured forever, even in adulthood. And, who knows, if you make the right choice you may even be making a valuable investment! Some toys have been known to greatly appreciate in value and become collectors items.

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