Travel broadens the mind, they say. It also tends to improve your suntan. Whatever the motivation, in recent decades more and more of us have grown used to travelling long distances regularly. Environmentalists may deplore the effects of all this air travel on the environment but that doesnt seem to have stopped us so far. Some politicians are mooting the idea of an air travel tax so, if that comes into being, perhaps our habits will change in future.

The internet has had a dramatic effect on the travel industry. Its now routine for people to browse travel and holiday offers online, looking for hard-to-find bargains or great last-minute offers. Indeed, for many people of a certain age, the ready availability of travel information online seems to have been their main motivation in getting to grips with the internet at all, which they might otherwise have been happy to ignore.

Its certainly true that there are some great travel bargains to be had online. Some flight operators even occasionally launch special promotions, offering trips at ridiculous prices. When this happens, their websites will tend to be swamped with requests so youll find it hard to take advantage of the offer, but keep trying and you may get lucky.

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