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There seems to be no end to our appetite for motor vehicles. Their number continues to increase and governments can’t build roads fast enough to accommodate them. Ecologists bemoan the effect this is having on the environment, politicians impose heavy taxes, but still nothing seems to diminish our passion for cars and the personal freedom they provide.

Of course, when you are thinking of buying a new vehicle, you should take into account not only the upfront price but the brand’s reliability and the likely maintenance costs over time. Part of this, of course, is the cost of fuel. Fuel efficiency can vary quite dramatically between vehicles, though, in general, newer vehicles tend to be more efficient than older ones.

Scientists say the world’s supplies of oil are running out and, at current usage rates, will perhaps only last for 30 more years or so. Petrol prices, therefore, will probably increase in the medium term. Considering the more fuel efficient vehicles may help you cope with this, or some of the new hybrid cars which run partially on electricity. High prices on fuel in Europe are one of the reasons SUVs have never caught on here, unlike in North America, and this is unlikely to change in future.

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