Visual Arts & Graphics

The world of Visual Arts and Graphics has seen dramatic chanages in the last few decades. Computer technology has come to the forefront. Many visual artists now work entirely in the visual realm and wouldnt have a clue what to do with an easel full of oil paints in the unlikely event that they ever came into contact with one. Despite this, there are still those who prefer the richness of the physical medium. The tactile sensations of brush on canvas, pencil on paper, or whatever their chosen artistic tools and medium are, form, for them, an important part of the creative process. And while computer technology is great for creating certain kinds of art such as logos or images that incoporate photographic work it is less than ideal for some of the more nuanced forms of artistic creation. Of course artistic inclinations tend to first manifest themselves in childhood and it is difficult to imagine that those early creative exercises in which child use their colouring-in books or draw little houses with crayons will be replaced any time soon by digital technology. For this reason, it is very likely that artists will be busy working in both the physical and digital mediums for some time to come.
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