At your wit's end because of the behaviour of your child ? Have you tried all what you could have and are still unable to resolve the issue ? Then counselling might be the solution.

Counselling basically involves a heart to heart talk between a qualified person, also called the counsellor, and the affected person. The counsellor identifies the problem and suggests a solution for it. For example, if your child is not opening up to you after the death of a close relative or pet, it might be advisable to seek professional help before the situation goes out of hand. If the parent feels that he is unable to connect emotionally with the child, a meeting with the counsellor might be helpful for the adult in question too.

The counsellor must be patient, kind and cheerful. He/she must be a good listener, and should also be able to analyze the situation fast. He/ she must not be prejudiced and should not reveal private client information to others. Most practising counsellors have a degree in psychology, which helps them understand the complex thing that the human mind is.

Opening your mind to a third person whom you can trust to keep matters confidential often helps to clear the mind and relieve tension. The third person's role is precisely what the counsellor enacts.As the old saying goes, happiness multiplies when shared, and pain reduces when you confide in others. People often tend to see things the way they want to and not in the way that it should be seen, and the counsellor can help them see the situation in an altogether different light.

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