Foster Care

Foster care means putting children into the temporary care of adults other than their parents. This may occur due to various reasons. The child might be a ward of the state, or might be suffering from a problem which his parents are unable to cope with. Foster care is different from adoption - in certain cases the child might eventually be reunited with his biological parents. The time period can vary from a few days to a few years. If a bond is formed between the adult and the child in question, the parties involved may consider adoption to confer all legal rights to the adult.

If the child has never experienced love ,foster care can help him/ her to experience what it feels to call a place home. If the child is suddenly separated from his parents (whatever the reasons maybe), transferring him to a caring environment is one of the steps to recovery. Being a foster parent is not as easy as it seem. The child may be initially hostile and aloof, and in such cases, the parent concerned must be able to gradually make him open up. Children can be difficult to handle, and every child has different requirements. You must shower love and affection on the child as if he were your own.

The laws for foster care vary from country to country. In most countries, the foster parent is generally reimbursed for the money spent in taking care of the child. If you wish to volunteer for becoming a foster parent, you can register with the concerned authorities, who will then check you for your suitability for the role.

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