The word crime is a noun in the English language. It is derived from the Latin word crimen, meaning fault or accusation. A crime is basically an activity which goes against the law of the country. Laws are rules made to ensure that we adhere to society norms. Without laws, the motto 'might is right' would be seen as the way to determine the leader.Committing a crime makes a person liable to be prosecuted by the judiciary.

Criminals are often seen as dangerous people by the normal public. Being convicted of a crime can lead to social ostracization for the person committing it as well as his immediate relatives. What makes a person want to disobey law ? There are a variety of reasons for this. Poverty and illiteracy are the chief ones. If you are poor, you can't buy things to maintain a basic standard of living and are therefore forced to resort to theft. Illiteracy results in not being able to get a steady job. Engaging in illegal activities is seen by many as an easy way to earn money, and therefore many illiterate people turn to it in a desperate attempt to support their families.

There are many forms of crime, ranging from arson to weapon possession. Apart from the regular police, several special law enforcement agencies have been established in various countries in an attempt to combat crime. The Federal Bureau of Investigation ( FBI) in the United States is an example of this. In terms of number of cases officially reported, the USA stands first, accounting for a little over one third of the total crimes in the world.

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