Domestic Violence

Domestic violence refers to a situation in which one member of a family attempts to exercise control over another by exhibiting threatening behaviour. The victim is usually subjected to abuse and torture in various forms, be it physical, emotional or even sexual. Domestic violence is a serious problem in the modern world, and even in a developed country like Britain, nearly one in every four women is expected to suffer from it at some point or the other in their life.

There is a common belief that the perpetrator in a case of domestic abuse will be male and the victim female. It need not be necessarily so, and several cases show a completely opposite pattern. The occurrence of domestic violence is not restricted to a few countries- it transcends all barriers of age, caste, race, sex, religion and lifestyle. The victim does not merely suffer from physical damage- it goes much, much beyond that. Most people lose self confidence and develop an inherent fear of the person who inflicted abuse upon them. Many of them go into depression and even attempt suicide. They need to undergo hours and hours of counselling to bring their happy, cheerful selves back.

Why do people feel the need to heap abuse upon their partners or family members? Simple- they desire power and control over them. The feeling of the victim being completely at their mercy gives them a perverse feeling of satisfaction. Some men for instance, believe it is their personal right to discipline their spouses in whatever manner they may deem fit. Domestic violence is not a one off incident, and generally takes place over a period of months, if not years.

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