Driving Offences

From the end of the nineteenth century, when the first practical automobiles appeared, to the twenty first century, where nearly every family has a vehicle to claim as its own, we have come a long way. And in order to keep both drivers and pedestrians safe on the roads, rules have been introduced. Driving offences, as you can easily make out from the name, occur when these rules are not followed.

The most common offences include not being able to produce the required documents when asked for ( licence, tax etc), not stopping when the signal is red, drunken driving and driving above the prescribed speed limit. Other offences include but are not limited to, not wearing a seat belt, wrong overtaking and incorrect parking. Different countries have different laws in place for errant drivers. In England, offences are classified into endorsable and non endorsable offences. The endorsable ones result in points on your licence, and accumulating a certain amount of points will force you to stay off the roads for a fixed amount of time. Non endorsable ones are the opposite of endorsable offences, and are extremely minor in nature.

Drivers usually need to pass a driving test and are normally informed of all the rules that they need to adhere to once they get permission to drive. Unfortunately, people tend to take them for granted ,and need to be given a reminder from time to time. Monetary fines can be imposed, and vary with the nature of the offence committed. Driving offences have often been the reason for the short term imprisonment of several celebrities- American socialite Paris Hilton is an example.

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