Drug Crime

Consumption of narcotic drugs is a deep rooted problem that afflicts society, with teenagers and young adults being the major victims. Narcotic drugs affect the central nervous system of the body and appear to give the user a 'high'. Due to their very nature which affects the user's behaviour and personality, these drugs tend to be extremely addictive and difficult to get rid of. Examples of such substances include heroin, ecstasy, LSD , cannabis and cocaine.

In order to get money to satiate their need for drugs, addicts turn to crime. Theft, burglary, robbing and shoplifting, amongst others, are the most common drug related crimes. If the need arises, they may even resort to more serious crimes in order to ensure a regular supply of drugs. Rehabilitation is a painful but necessary process for the addicts, who almost come to view drug consumption as a way of life. Teenagers and people who live a highly stressed lifestyle are the people most likely to give in to the temptation of drugs.

Unlawful possession of drugs is a crime and so is trying to sell it to another person. This is one of the reasons why the industry operates discreetly and relies heavily on word of mouth for its dealings.

In Britain alone, close to 4 million people use at least one illicit drug a year. To combat drug addiction, various programmes informing people about the ill effects of drugs have been conducted. Websites like FRANK have proved to be a huge hit, receiving about 14 million visitors wanting information on drugs.

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