Murder means the intentional killing of another human being for personal gain, revenge or any other motive that the murderer might have had in mind. Murder is a form of homicide, but is different from suicides and accidental deaths because the victim was killed deliberately and without remorse.

Murder is probably one of the most serious offences that one can commit, given that every human has the right to live up to a ripe old age. The taking of another's life is considered as the ultimate sin by human society, and the act of murder supposedly makes the person doing it less human. Human beings are naturally warm blooded creatures and this was probably the reason for the origin of the phrase " Murdered in cold blood ''. If a person is convicted of murder, he is almost always either sentenced to life imprisonment or given the death penalty. In America, most states have a system which classifies the case into one of the three degrees of murder, the sentence varying with the category into which the case is put into.

Murders have given rise to the field of forensic science, which tries to ascertain the nature of the crime and the identity of the murderer using clues found at the scene of murder.

As per official statistics available, murders take place quite frequently in South America, with Colombia and Venezuela being the worst hit. Other nations which witness a large amount of murders every year include India, Russia, South Africa and the United States.

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