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We live in an age where information is at our fingertips, and can easily be obtained with one click of the mouse or by switching on the television or radio. The press - the fourth estate of the country, probably wields the most power in society today. Most governments in the world are elected by the people, and the press can change public opinion in a matter of seconds. And as the famous phrase goes ' With great power comes great responsibility', the media needs to stand up and act in a manner befitting the power granted to it by the people.

When we say media, we not only mean the print media but also the electronic one. The arrival of the internet heralded the beginning of the information age. The main function of the media is to create awareness, and it is this very awareness that can go a long way in reducing crime. Criminals can prove to be notoriously difficult to track ,but if the media is properly used as a bridge between the officials and the people, the very same criminals cannot hide for long. Newspapers should also print articles which carry information on how to deal with depression, emotional trauma and stress. This will come in handy for those who have been victims of crime and are trying to get on with their normal lives.

The media needs to be used to inform people about their rights and duties. The general public should perform their duties fearlessly and stand up for their rights. As said before, the media is a strong and influential tool, and if used correctly, can yield great results.

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