'Prevention is better than cure' goes the proverb. This saying is definitely an old one, but is worth its weight in gold. After all, not every thief is born a thief at birth. Certain circumstances which leave them unable to fend for their loved ones, force them to step on the road to crime. It is therefore essential that we try and eradicate the very reasons which lead to many a young man going astray.

Every child needs to be educated. If they are educated, they can find a good job, and can lead a happy life with their families. Education instills in them a strong set of values, which they will not forget until their dying breath. Because of their ability to earn, poverty no longer becomes a problem. For uneducated poor families, support and care must be given in order to ensure that they can earn an honest living in the future. The government needs to start programmes to eradicate poverty and illiteracy, and implement them on a war footing.

People sometimes become victims of crime just because of their ignorance. In matters of crime, ignorance is most certainly not bliss. The government should use mass media to educate every person, and information booklets should be distributed to the public. Websites must be up to date and contain all the information that the visitor might be looking for, in relation to the subject.

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