The word terrorism means committing acts of terror in order to achieve a particular goal. More often than not, the goal is political and the terrorists wage battle against the ruling government.

Terrorists tend to attack symbols of public importance, thereby indicating to the masses that their government is powerless and cannot stop the terrorists. The attacks also tend to give them publicity by which they can recruit more supporters for their cause. Often innocent civilians are caught in the middle as the terrorists and the government fight against each other. And although some terrorists do have morals, most of them will go to any means to achieve their ends, even if it means killing civilians. Many of them believe in the fact that the end justifies the means, and even have no qualms in sacrificing themselves for their cause. Hijacking, suicide bombing and assassinations are not new words for a terrorist. Bio terrorism, the act of using biological agents to exterminate people in large numbers poses a massive threat to every nation on this planet, especially with the advances in science and technology.

For many Americans, the 9/11 attacks on the Twin Towers in New York is an event which still rakes up painful memories. The fear, unrest and self doubt that many Americans faced after the attacks is not likely to be forgotten easily by them.Terrorism is one of the ten high level threats to the world identified by the United Nations.

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