Theft means stealing someone else's property and using it for your own purpose without his consent. Theft is one of the most common types of crime occurring in the world today. The amount involved can vary- a roadside thief might only be after a few dollars, but for a big gang involved in bank robberies and stuff, the money stolen can run into thousands.

Money is not the only thing that thieves look for. The chances of a motorcar,whose security isn't really up to date, being stolen is as good as the purse in the average Joe's pocket. There are computer thieves too. They run phishing sites and try to get into databases storing the credit card details of customers so that they can then make merry and disappear with their purchases. Thieves are interested in almost anything- be it jewellery or electronic items or even the street signs on the road.

It isn't easy to spot or identify a thief from far out. Most of them are masters at blending in with the public so as to not arouse even an iota of suspicion. And their movements are so slick and fast that a victim whose pocket has been wiped clean does not realise the theft until much later.

The best thing that you can do is to move around in groups, and be on constant alert. Do not keep your valuable belongings in a place on your person where they are hanging out, and are easily visible to the public.

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