The word victim probably originates from the Latin word 'victima' meaning an animal or person killed as a sacrifice. In the modern sense, it is used to describe a person who is oppressed/ deceived/ hurt/ killed by another stronger individual or group.

Victims are perceived to be weak. Although they may be individually strong, they are weaker in comparison to their attacker/ attackers. People who have been victims need to be mentally strong in order to be able to pick up the remaining pieces of their life and move ahead. A lot of the damage caused is emotional, and not merely physical. Most victims tend to suffer from low self confidence and begin to believe that there is no one in the world that they can turn to. They start to see things negatively and gradually lose all interest in life. Victims tend to be at the receiving end of various crimes- be it bullying, rape or other forms of assault. A person who has lost a lot in a natural disaster such as an earthquake or tsunami is also a victim. Victims need to be given counselling and care, and need to be dealt with extreme patience.

It is the very field of victimology which has given rise to some of nature's most puzzling questions, one of them being the Stockholm Syndrome. In such a situation ,the person taken hostage starts to develop loyalty towards his abductor. Another variation would be where the victim supports his abuser instead of opposing him.

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