Death signifies the end of an organism's stay in the living world. The organism ceases to 'live', and all its body parts stop functioning. The organic material within is decomposed by micro-organisms and is returned back to the earth, while the hard parts become fossils and are a reminder of the fact that the living organism once walked amongst us.

Some cultures view death as a natural process while others perceive it to be a human weakness. Immortality is a gift craved by many, but so far achieved by none. While the advances in science and technology have been somewhat able to delay the inevitable, they have never been successful in stopping the process altogether. Death is an important component of the theory of evolution proposed by Darwin. When changes occur, only the strongest survive, while those who are unable to adapt quickly perish- in other words, survival of the fittest.

Death can occur in various ways. Suicide, illness, heart attacks and murder can all be causes of death. If the reason for death cannot be judged by simply looking at the body, an examination of the corpse, called a post mortem analysis, can give the information required. Mortality rate is defined as the number of deaths per thousand people in a country. Generally, poor, undeveloped countries with no access to health and medical facilities tend to have a higher mortality rate in comparison to developed countries.

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