The future generally refers to the time which is neither the past nor the present. Therefore, the future does not consist of those things which have happened or are happening, but of those which will happen. Both the past and the present influence the future greatly, for it is but a natural progression from the actions of the past and the present.

People often dream of seeing their future, and it is this wish that has given rise to the idea of time travel. While time travel is still something that is confined to science fiction novels, scientists are working on it feverishly in the hope that they might hit upon something that will enable them to fulfill this centuries old desire of man.

People continuously work hard in order to ensure a better future. Nobody's future is pre determined. An individual's future is ultimately his own creation. Some people prefer to live in the present and take life as it comes. It isn't always the greatest path to take, for who knows what may happen next. Care must be taken to ensure a secure future for children and family. This is the principle on which the insurance industry thrives.

Palmistry, astrology and tarot card reading are some of the supposed ways to find about a person's future. While the authenticity of these methods is something that still cannot be ascertained, they do have their fair share of believers.

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