Defence & Security

Defence and security is a matter of prime concern for every country in the world today. Although we have stable governments which aim to prevent war and bloodshed, there is always that lingering doubt that some other nation might decide to wage war and take the unprepared nation by surprise. It only needs a small spark to set off a conflict ,as proved by both WW1 and WW2 in the 20th century.

Although science and technology has progressed at a phenomenal rate, no country is self sufficient when it comes to military weapons. The job of the government is to keep the military on alert and provide them with the latest technology available, so that they won't be at a disadvantage if war suddenly breaks out. The security of a nation is closely connected with the well being of its military. Awards must be given to officers who prove their mettle in battle, and efforts must be made to keep the morale high, especially of those soldiers who patrol in extreme conditions, both sub zero and greater than 40 degrees Celsius.

Treaties of cooperation with other nations do go a long way in reducing risk. Today we have nuclear weapons that can destroy a city from several hundred kilometres away.While war can give the winning country material gains in terms of land and numerous other things, it can also cause serious damage. The economy can be torn apart, and it takes a great amount of effort to restore peace and stability again.

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