An embassy is a diplomatic mission of one country in another. It is generally permanent in nature, and it represents the sending country in the host country. It is headed by the ambassador, who has several people under him to help with day to day matters. The embassy is usually set up in the capital city of the host country, as it tends to be the most important city in that particular country.

Ambassadors enjoy diplomatic immunity and are exempt from local laws. Commonwealth nations have High Commissions instead of embassies in other countries that also belong to the Commonwealth. Normally there is only one embassy in a country. In several countries, there may be cities that are hubs of finance and commerce but which are not given capital status. Consulates are established in such cities, for example Montreal in Canada ( The Canadian capital is Ottawa).

The embassies and consulates have several functions to carry out. They hand out visas, and provide assistance to the citizens of their country by co ordinating with the local police and issuing emergency passports should the need arise. If a person is lost in a foreign country and desperately needs help, the embassy is the first place that he/she should visit.

In case of disputes, countries may recall the head of their diplomatic mission as a sign of their displeasure.

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