The government runs the country, and has authority over the people. It is supposed to work for the benefit of the nation as a whole, and is therefore expected to be citizen friendly.

Most governments, if not all, have a website of their own. In the olden days people had trudge up to the local government office in order to sort out their affairs. The offices would generally be in the heart of the town or the city, and for the people living in the suburbs it would mean a long journey. In several cases, repeat trips had to be made, and men would often skip work just to get some papers stamped or to make payments.Now with the information age having been ushered in, citizens can do all their work at home without having to lift a leg. Registrations, passport applications, and filing returns, to name a few, can be done at the click of a mouse.

The ideal website would not only provide you with up to date information on all the departments, but would also give a way to contact the officials, both online and offline. Most developed countries have already reached this stage, and other nations are following suit. In an aim to maintain efficiency, queries are responded to, promptly. After all, no bureaucrat likes to walk in and see a huge pile of work on his desk.

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