Every nation needs to have a well developed intelligence network in order to be able to maintain security and counter terrorist threats. Such agencies are extremely secretive in nature, and important details about these organizations, such as budget and number of people employed, is not available to the public. Very few people at the top are privy to the information collected, as the chances of it leaking increase with the number of persons who are made aware.

People who work in these agencies are highly qualified and well trained. They are intelligent, sharp, resourceful and can pick up suspicious activity from a mile away. Spying is an essential part of intelligence gathering, and the network generally spreads far and wide. The unlikeliest of people may happen to be operatives. They have a second face to show to the world, and blend in so well that very few people suspect them of even being capable of doing such a job. Information is acquired in a variety of ways, and tapping phone calls and deciphering complex pieces of code is just routine work for several such young men and women.

The National Security Agency ( NSA) and the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), both belonging to the USA, are examples of intelligence gathering organizations. People in the erstwhile Soviet Union will remember the KGB, which carried out various important tasks till it was disbanded in 1995 by Boris Yeltsin.

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