Power as a word has many different meanings. When it comes to the government however, power has two chief meanings. The government wields considerable authority and is therefore powerful. When a political leader assumes the role of head of state, it is said that he ''came to power''. People who are powerful and influential tend to occupy significant positions in the government. The other meaning is the power generation that drives various industrial and domestic applications.

Electricity has become a necessity in today's world. A hour's cut in power can effectively bring life to a standstill. Many people, especially those in the developed world, have access to 24 hour electricity supply and tend to take it for granted. At the other end of the spectrum we have those nations where power cuts are common, and children are forced to study for their exams in candle light.

To achieve economic stability and industrial progress, a nation needs to be self sufficient where power is concerned. There are various types of power - thermal, hydro electric, nuclear etc. If there isn't assured power supply in an area, then investors will not be willing to invest their hard earned money. Without funds, expansion cannot take place, and the company cannot compete with the big players at the international level.

The Ministry of Power introduces new power generation and distribution plans from time to time, and also provides funds for researchers to develop more efficient methods of production.

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