Public Administration

In a nutshell, public administration can be defined as the science of laying out, implementing and analysing government policies made for the common man. Although public administration has been studied by philosophers in the past, such as Aristotle and Plato, it is German scholar Lorenz von Stein who is considered as the father of the science that it is today. Stein, who was born in 1815, taught at the University of Vienna for nearly thirty years ( 1855-1885) and many of his ideas have become the base on which the science of public administration rests.

From the time Niccolo Machiavelli wrote ' The Prince' in the 16th century till today, many people have had different views on what public administration actually encompasses. For example, former US president Woodrow Wilson believed that politics and public administration should be kept apart, but some of his contemporaries had a completely opposite view. Some see it as an extension of management while others view it as a platform to introduce new reforms that would greatly improve work efficiency. Generally, discussions take place on the government, the hierarchy in it, the bureaucracy and its impact on the public.

The subject has had some of the most brilliant people to have ever walked the face of earth as experts- Henri Fayol, William Niskanen and Mary Follett to name a few.

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