While the game we know as badminton has had several variations going back into prehistory, its most popular form is the one the British Colonial Service brought back to England from India in the mid 1800's. Unlike other racquet and ball types of games, badminton uses smaller racquets and a feathered "shuttlecock" as the game objective.

Since the shuttlecock is lightweight and easily affected by wind, professional badminton tournaments are held indoors. The feathered shuttle has its own unique aerodynamics that create a game of speed and stamina as well as quick reflexes and eye-hand coordination. Since the shuttle can only be struck once per side to get it back over the raised net and into the opponent's court the players must be quick and decisive.

Despite its rise in England, the 20th century found the game being increasingly popular in the Asian countries. China, Malaysia and South Korea routinely produce the most badminton international champions and China seems set on adopting badminton as a national sport. The Olympics carries five separate badminton competitions. There are competitions for singles and doubles for both men and women and one tournament for mixed gender players.

Badminton is still a favored "garden" game for a casual outdoor get together on a strictly amateur level.

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