The first mentions of the game we call baseball are found in the late 18th century and was believed to have been a modification of several older bat and ball games brought over to America by European settlers. While the game increased in popularity it was not until the mid 19th century that it became codified with the Knickerbocker Rules. Among other features that evolved into the present game, a small hard ball was now proscribed for the game.

With the turning of the 20th century baseball had begun its life as a professional sport and the major leagues were formed. The 1920's saw more rule changes that increased the speed of the game. Play of the game involves moving around four points (bases) of the inner field without being tagged by a ball in play. The batter must hit the ball in such a way as to allow time to run between the bases in a counterclockwise direction. A score is made when a player succeeds in reaching all four bases in the circuit without being tagged out. Other ways to eliminate a batter from play is by the pitcher causing the batter to miss three times while swinging at the ball or catching a struck ball before it reaches the ground.

While baseball is not exclusively an American sport, few other countries besides Canada, Cuba, Australia and Japan have professional league teams. It is because of lowered interest internationally that the 2008 Olympic games will be the last which holds baseball events as they have been voted out of the 2012 Olympics.

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